Monday, June 15, 2015

Woche 52: Man, that means I hit my year mark this week!!!

 Liebe Mutter,

(The green are comments or questions I sent to him and the black are his responses.)

I survived trek!! 
TREK!!! I miss it sooo much! I am super excited to read your letter about it! And I think I remember Nicole a little.
I just remember my own Trek experience. Especially our own testimony meeting. We all bore such awesome testimony of the Pioneers! And I remember thinking the same thing! We don't have any Pioneers! And on my mission, most people do. Seriously though, like all of my companions have pioneer blood or are related some how to a prophet. But then I remembered how you two were my pioneer heritage! My pioneer heritage just started about 180 years after most everyone else!
I updated him on some things that are going on with his brothers.  I can't believe it! Why are they growing!? Man, that means I hit my year mark this week!!!

Tell me something fun about your companion.
He makes a huge stack of tortillas every week.

Are you getting along?
Of course we get along!

Tell me something unique about your branch.
We are the only unit in the Vienna Stake to have a choir.

Do you feel your piano playing is improving?
My piano playing has improved a ton!!! It's crazy!

Do you sing as well?
And yes I sing... At home, or in church. Well we have the choir. Actually, I play the piano in it now...
Woche 52

On Monday I got a haircut. Exciting right?

Tuesday. we had District Meeting in Vienna. We talked about the 10 Commandments and the relevance they still hold in today's society. We talked about how some were completely disregarded while others were slightly distorted or changed in some way. We talked about how they are still the same and that they will not change! And then we talked about prayer. We talked about how, in this church, we pray a little differently than a lot of people. Because of Joseph Smith, we have the true meaning of prayer. It is a literal talk with our Father in Heaven. We are literally communicating with the most powerful being in the universe. And better yet, he will speak back to us! He will answer us through His Spirit! We don't even have to be at church! We have a direct line to Him! What an amazing truth! And then we later had an exchange. I stayed in Vienna with Elder Faux. Vienna is sooooooooooo much bigger than St. Pölten. But we went and taught a couple of people. We actually met with someone who was preparing for baptism in the next couple of weeks. It was so cool to see him accept His gospel and have the desire to follow Him! 

On Wednesday we went to a fancy private tennis country club thing. One of the members in Vienna 4th Ward takes all of the Vienna missionaries out to eat once a month. And it was so good! I had Fritaten Soup and Curry with Banana Coconut Rice. It was so good!!! And then we exchanged with the Zone Leaders. Elder Ward and I came back to St. Pölten. Well, I left the keys with Elder Smith who was now in Vienna... But our Ward Mission Leader came to the rescue and brought some amazing strawberries with him! Life saver, and then we went out finding. We met some way nice people! We also met a RM and ate dinner with him. He served two years ago and was just visiting. Oh, and he is from Australia.

Donnerstag bis Freitag
Well, Elder Smith came back and we went out finding, all day long. It was way hot, but we just kept going hard. And then we did almost the same thing on Friday. But in the end, we met a less active in Maria-Anzbach. It is so pretty there! And then we read a talk from General Conference by Elder Bednar. He really liked it and said it was his goal to go to the Temple! So we made goals with him and then prayed!


Well, Saturday we just went out finding until our lesson with Joel. Well, 30 minutes before our lesson, we found him on the street reading the Book of Mormon. It was so awesome!!! We were so happy! And then we talked for a bit and then got right into it. We taught the Plan of Salvation. We talked about how the Bible only has fragments of it but with modern revelation, we now have the full plan. He really thought it made sense with judgement. He said it didn't make sense that pretty much most people would go to hell with the understanding most people had. He really liked that God prepared multiple places for His children. It was way good!

Well, Sunday we had an awesome lesson during Sunday School about being prepared for the Second Coming. We talked about making sure our lamps were full and that we also had a reserve of oil. It was good. I love being out here! It is such a blessing!

~Elder Albrecht~

Siehe, ich bin ein Jünger Jesu Christi, des Sohnes Gottes. Ich bin von ihm berufen worden, sein Wort unter seinem Volk zu verkünden, damit sie immerwährendes Leben haben können   -3 Nephi 5:13

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