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Week 11: Cabin Fever

Woche 11: Cabin Fever 

So Montag... We pretty much washed clothes all day. I never told you, but two weeks ago on Sonntag, our washing machine broke down. So we had two weeks worth of clothes with us. There aren't any Laundromats here in Schwenningen. So we asked some members that Sonntag if we could use their washing machines. We went first to Familie Ziegner and started our clothes there. We then went to Familie Justaga and started the other Elder's clothes. We ate there. They made us some creamy chicken and rice. It was really good. Then the wife made us apple pies. Meine Güte, they were so delicious. That family is so awesome. We then headed out for emails. Afterwards, we went back to Familie Justaga and picked up their clothes. After that we went to Familie Ziegner. Our clothes weren't finished so they fed us some fantastic pasta while we waited. This might be a bit komisch, but Familie Justaga and Familie Ziegner, they changed out our clothes, folded them, and ironed some of them. Then the last load wasn't finished when we had to leave. So the next day they gave it to us all finished. They are so awesome.

On Dienstag, we had to shop and get haircuts and stuff like that. So pretty much, we had to finish P-Day. So nothing big and crazy happened that day. However, we saw the new World Cup shirts for Deutschland. We also saw the Villingen-Schwenningen Monopoly game. It was quite a find. And then for Abendessen, we ate Spätzle. Oh, Elder Cavin went to the doctor that day. It turns out that he had a stomach infection. The doctor prescribed him  some medicine. Nothing to major anymore though.

So, on Mittwoch we stayed inside almost all day. I did studies and then cleaned some more. After the normal stuff, we went over to Familie Schwarzwalder. It was Johannes' Geburtstag. So we ate this really good orange cream cake. Afterwards, we went over to the field and played Fußball. It was a lot of fun. We went back to their house and had chile frito pie. It was pretty good. So their son Aaron plays the Harp and Klavier. He was extremely good. He is such a crazy kid. He is a Deacon so he is still pretty young. But we are still pretty good friends. Haha

Donnerstag was Exchange day. After studies and all that jazz, Elder Ridd and myself had an exchange. We went over to Rottweil to have a lesson with a potential investigator. We arrived and then received a call that he was going to be late. So we started talking to some guy and he invited us in to have some tea. He took us into the Asylum (he is an asylum seeker) and into his apartment/room. But we were talking with him and then some guy just walked in. He sat done and started talking to us. Turns out the guy knew him and that he was our potential. Mind you, we never have seen him in real life. He told us in broken Deutsch that if he converted from being a Muslim his family would kill him. It is so sad to see the restrictions people have because of extremists. However, it is comforting to know that since he doesn't have the opportunity to fully hear the gospel here, he will have another chance in the spirit world. So he left and then we got back to talking with the other guy.  He is from Sri Lanka. He is super smart. He says he has Buddhist background. But he is really open to what we have to say. We gave him a Book of Mormon. He also asked for German classes, so that might help with his progression. He also gave the closing pryer for us. He said after Elder Ridd gave an example one. It was in his heart but the spirit was still there. It was definitely a stepping stone for him from what we found out. Afterwards we went home and ate some Cheesy Pasta.

Freitag started off normal, but then we got a call from the Lees telling us we would get a washing machine in a week. Our Branch President, Präsident Ziegner, said he would just buy us a washing machine right away. So we picked out a washing machine and then he come over to buy it. While there, he got the machine for 70€ cheaper. He then got us a five year warranty. It was way crazy. He just said the church could reimburse him later, as long as his missionaries were being taken care of. He is so awesome. That night we had Spaghetti for Abendessen.

That morning we got our washing machine! Yay! It took some cleaning and moving but we now have a really nice machine. After it was installed, we headed to the church to fill up the Baptismal font. Fynn Ziegner was getting baptized that day. He has such a sweet and tender spirit with him. It reminded me of the day I was baptized. Sister Ziegner gave an awesome talk on the Holy Ghost. She used an example with the Atonement using salt and water. It was very interesting. Afterwards he was confirmed and given the Holy Ghost. It was very touching and reminded me of the purpose of the Holy Ghost and how much the Holy Ghost will and does help us in our lives. That evening we ate Pizza!

So we got up and prepared to head to church. So, church is still a struggle. For some reason listening to lessons and talks is where I struggle with the language. It is so hard to understand and concentrate. But I really do try. So, Elder Wilkins gave a talk. It was really good. I don't remember what he talked about but the spirit was definitely there. After Sacrament meeting, two of the Young Women got up to the stand and began to sing God be with you till we meet again. They sang the first verse, and then the congregation joined the last two verses. This was Ann-Sophie Ziegner's last Sunday here. She is leaving to Essen this week so that is why they did it. It was very solemn afterwards. We then headed home and ate whatever for Dinner.

I read the August Liahona this week alongside das Buch Mormon and Verkundet Mein Evangelium. This weeks focus  was on trials. 
-Many of the trials we face, we do not recognize the why and we do not always recognize the Lord's hand helping us
-Much of the time, we only see the growth after we stand on our mountain of experience and look back upon the valley of our trials and the trail to the top of the mountain.
-We must first step into the darkness with faith before the Lord reveals His plan for us as well as the path we are taking. And even then He will not reveal the end or the reward.
-Numbers are not everything. Our measure is based on our desires and how hard we work.

I am asking again (for anyone reading and anyone in the ward)
I would love your favorite:
     -a testimony

Some more requests(:
-twist up crayola crayons
     -Bern Temple
     -Louisville Temple
-A cool picture in Deutsch(mission appropriate of course)
     -Winter Drumline
     -The usual
Ich habe euch Lieb! Tschüß!

Ein Bild von unserem Fenster


Ein Bild von unserem Fenster

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