Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 10: We Must Always Keep a Good Attitude

Woche 10: Apartment Adventures!
Well, this week has definitely been interesting... I will start off by answering some questions:
-I always wear my seat belt
-I don´t believe we have 72 hour kits here
-We do however have carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms
-We have an electric oven
-I will take some pics of our apartment
-I feel like I will stay with Elder Cavin. I mean there is a pretty high chance. But it does happen that the trainer leaves and the golden gets a stepdad...

Elder Cavin has been feeling a lot better, but we still need to go to the doctor some time this week. I will continue to pray for Ryan. I really hope that he gets better soon.

How has AFTB been going? The same or are you teaching some new stuff or have some different responsibilities? I love hearing about the Mormon Crew.  I absolutely loved the picture of all our Mormon boys on the Football team. That is wonderful example of living the gospel and standing strong in numbers. I can see the light in Neil shining much more brightly in these last couple months. He is such an amazing young man and will be prepared for his mission if he keeps on this path. Family History, it super cool but so difficult isn´t it? However, what we can´t do here will all be taken care of later on right?

This is the picture he is referring to that I sent him of the Mormon boys on our high school football team here in Missouri.
Montag bis Mittwoch
Elder Cavin has had to stay inside almost all week since he has had no energy and has just been exhausted because of his sickness.  I did a lot of studies. Those days I did my regular studies in the morning. During companion study the other Elders took me in. Afterwards we would usually have Mittagessen and then they would leave.  I cleaned a lot while they were gone. I turned up some Mormon music and then I cleaned the kitchen. I did dishes quite a few times. Elder Cavin and I cleaned the bathroom, this was when he was feeling a lot better. When I wasn´t cleaning, I was studying. I did a lot of studies this week. I would usually read from Jesus the Christ or from the Liahona. I also have read so much out of the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel.

On Donnerstag I had an exchange with Elder Wilkins. That day was pretty good. We taught Frau B about the Holy Ghost and then followed with her Baptismal program. It was my "first" lesson in Deutsch. Quotations because it was really really short. Afterwards we ate lunch and then headed over to Donaueschingen. We ended up getting off one stop to early. So we either had to wait for an hour and 20 minutes or we walked. So we walked for 10 minutes to the next station. It wasn´t bad at all so that was good. While we were there, we seriously doored half of the town. We walked so much that day. We got stared at, cussed out, doors slammed in our faces, and ignored so much that day. Oh well right? Something that was cool is that my studies have been revolving around trials and our attitudes. We will usually never understand the purpose of our trials until long after we have passed through them. And then is when we recognize God´s hand and see how much we have grown. So we must  always keep a good attitude and just have faith in the Lord. This past week I have put that into action as I have been stuck inside and as we didn't have success that we could see or write down. However, when we kept our chins up, we began to saw the eternal perspective of things. We have also learned so much here that success is measured by our hard work, not by numbers.

Freitag bis Samstag
Freitag was similar to the beginning of the week. However, we went to JM´s house. We gave him a big picture of Jesus Christ. He loved it so much. He then fed us some more curry. It was so good. Smastag was similar to the beginning of this week.

So Sonntag was pretty similar to every other day. Except for Church. Jagadish was confirmed. I was kind of nervous because it was my first time. However the Spirit was there and guided me so much. It was a really neat experience. That day I played the piano in Sacrament meeting with the guitar and 3 singers. A lot of members have been asking me to play and stuff. And then we talked with the youth afterwards. They are so cool. We are going to do something with them on Wednesday I believe. We will have to see how that goes.

You will be happy to hear that I am going to take at least 5 pictures a day from now on so I have stuff to send.

Ich liebe euch. Bis nächstes mal! Tschüss. Auf wiedersehn!

Michael had a last minute request during out quick emailing back and forth.

"This might be a big favor
I would like this from anyone who reads this and people from our ward
-a favorite scripture
-inspirational quote
-a written testimony(can be simple personal or direct)
This is a project so I will tell you more later"

Der Sonnenuntergang von unser Fenster

Die Kirche in Donaueschingen

Ein Fluss in Donaueschingen

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