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Woche 14: 3 Months...

Woche 14: 3 Months...

 I didn't get two packages but I did get one. And the other Elders loved it. It was way awesome.  I really love the coin. It reminds me of home!  The others loved it as well, we started to challenge each other. I accidentally, left my camera at home. So next week I will have to send you the photos of the package and such. Sorry. ):

My picture of what I filled the Pringles cans with.
This is about as creative as I get haha
This past week I hit my three month mark. It's weird. I feel like I just left for my mission, but then again I feel like it has been ages since I left the MTC and then since I left home. Time is so weird. Anyway, sorry about the weekly letter last week. I let the time slip from me, so this week I get to write about two full weeks. Yay!

Woche 13
So Monday was kind of busy. We had to take the car into the shop. We left before studies and sent the car away. We left the car there and went back home. We started our studies and then went to go do emails. After I finished, we received a call from the auto place telling us our car was finished. The only part they didn't tell us was that it would cost 130€. We went back home to get some cash. But it turns none of us had a lot of money. And our ATM by us was broken so that didn't help. Luckily Elder Ridd had money. But unfortunately it was personal. So we went there and paid for the inspection and went back home with the car. Lucky for us, reimbursements exist. So Elder Ridd will hopefully get his money soon.After that mess, we drove to a member's house for dinner. The Schwarzwälder Family. We went over and played some Fußball. Found out I sucked as a goalie. Luckily I'm not over here to be a goalie or else I would be in some major trouble. And we went back to their  house to eat. The food wasn't all the way done so one the boys, Aaron, showed us his Harp and Piano and played them for us. Man oh man he is way good. He is one talented 12 year old. He said he can also play the harmonica but not so much, haha. He then gave us a homemade glow-in-the-dark bracelet. It was pretty cool. You learn to appreciate much more on a mission. So we went back downstairs and ate outside. They made us Bratwursts,  pasta salad, chicken, and some potato salad. It was way good. Afterwards, we took part in their Family Home Evening. We sang a Child's Hymn, I was fortunate enough to play the piano, and then prayed. Elder Cavin then shared a scripture and then explained the Atonement through an object lesson. I brought a couple of the airheads you sent as part of the lesson. So we asked everyone if they wanted an airhead, and for everyone who wanted one, Elder Ridd had to five push ups each. So Elder Ridd had to do a bunch a push ups because they have 7 kids plus us and the parents. So they ate the airheads and we explained to them how sweet the Atonement is. Jesus Christ suffered for us and he helps us overcome sin. How sweet it is. But unlike the airheads, we need to do more than just ask. We have to change our lives in accordance with His will. It was really cool. Following the lesson, we headed home and planned for our next day.

Sorry... I don't have any time to write for these days. I will try to send a letter with those days.

Woche 14:
So this last Monday, we went and helped an investigator move. It was pretty crazy.  We drove north about 30 minutes and arrived at her old house. I never met her so we greeted each other and said hi's and stuff. She tells us that she is our second mother in Deutschland.  She is so sweet. She kept telling us that we need to come visit her when we come back or if we are in Hawaii. Yes, but we helped her pack up a storage closet. And we only had 3 hours to do it. We eventually left and went to her new house. She is trying to buy it still and then fix it up. But she fed us Lumpia rolls and fries. It was so sweet of her. She then told us to keep in touch and visit before we leave the area. Afterwards, we emailed and then went to the store. I finally bought a tschüß book. Haha, but that was our day(:

Tuesday we went to our District meeting. We got three new missionaries in our District. One is a golden. Her name is Sister Cherrington. She is an American citizen but lived in Saudi Arabia for 14 years. Elder Acuno Mareno is one of the new missionaries as well. He was born in Columbia but lived most of his life in the French speaking part of Belgium. And the final new missionary is Elder Schiffer. He is from Northern Germany and speaks very little English. And I will being doing an exchange with him in his area in two and half weeks. So it will be only us. So I have been cracking down on my Deutsch study. So we talked about investigators for a little bit and then about the Restoration. Elder Cavin asked me a couple days before hand to take the lead in the discussion. I didn't really talk about the Restoration itself. I talked about the importance of it as well as the simplicity of it. I studied a lot about it and came to this conclusion: we must look at teaching from the investigators side. They know close to nothing when it comes to this topic. They don't even know why a restoration was necessary. This is why we need to be simple but powerful. This message alone can change someone's life. Actually change entire generations. The Restoration as a whole is the single most important and amazing event in all of human history besides the Atonement and Resurrection. Nothing compares to it. This is why we must help others understand the impact and importance of our message. Because we have the Full gospel on the earth today. Well, afterwards we held a small testimony meeting about the Restoration. It was really amazing. The Spirit was definitely there and bore witness of the truthfulness of the message once again in our life. We then closed the meeting and just chatted afterwards.  We the headed home, had studies, and rested.

On Wednesday evening, after an exchange, we went back to the apartment. We ate dinner and all was well. We laughed and had a good time. But afterwards, I felt horrible. My head felt like it was on fire. I had a massive headache. And I just felt extremely tired. I laid by the fan for a while and then went to bed a little early. In the morning I felt even worse. I woke up sweating all over. My head still felt as if it were on fire. But my body felt so cold. I just felt horrible. I fell asleep, but eventually got the impression to ask for a Priesthood blessing. I didn't really want to get up but I did. I caught the other two Elders right before they left and they helped with the blessing. During the blessing, I felt God's love for me. It was such a beautiful blessing and was guided by the Spirit. I felt at peace, knowing that I would be better soon. I went back to bed after the blessing was administered. As I was falling asleep, I could feel my headache leave. Before I even fell in a deep sleep, my sickness was gone. It was truly miraculous to see it leave my body in such a short period of time. I woke up later and felt amazing. God's hand is truly in our lives. I know that He cares for us and that He loves us. 

Well, as you can probably tell, we stayed inside the rest of the week. Elder Cavin wanted to be sure I was actually feeling better and not pushing myself too hard. So I studied more about the Restoration. Fun fact: Did you know that in 1943, the only areas missionaries were in was North America and Hawaii. Because of WWII, missionary work seemed to come to a stop. Or very close to. But yet the church survived in every country that it was in.

Sunday was just like any normal Sunday. We went to church. Had the amazing opportunity to partake of the Sacrament and became more united as saints and disciples of Christ. Afterwards, we ate and then drove up to Königsfeld. We handed out fliers there for 3 hours. It was for a blood drive for patients with blood cancer. One of our members unfortunately is going through that. It was a neat experience to help out. A lot of people there actually already knew about the event and were already going. And they were also going to the benefit concert that day. It was really cool.

Well, I love all of you. Hope all is well. Tschüß!

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