Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 13: Just Working...

Woche 13: Just working...
     I am getting all of your emails. But I didn't get all of the photos this week for some reason. I really like the letters. To be completely honest, I actually like letters a lot more than emails. We do our emails at a cyber cafe. I love my teachers! It would be way cool if they wrote me! I would definitely send a postcard or something back(: Vielen vielen dank for the package. I will make sure we snap some pics for you. I am so ecstatic for Cedara. She is going to love her mission. I can't believe that she is finally  leaving.  Ahhh, so exciting. And I will also take some pictures of my name tag(: It is not getting that cold here. However the people say that soon it will get cold. A year ago, apparently the first day of snow was Oktober 1st and it snowed until März 23rd I believe. So who knows right? I will need to start buying some stuff. It makes me so happy that Neil is doing well, especially in Seminary. I loved that time so much. It truly does prepare you for the day. Hopefully Ryan will get better,  I will keep him in my prayers.

So, yes we did indeed get 30 new "Goldens". We only have two in our Zone, and one in our Distrikt. If you put my full name on my letters, I will always get them. So, we do have a microwave. We have pretty much your basic appliances: blender, toaster, stove, microwave, that's about it... And yes, I help cook quite frequently. My allergies are doing fine. I haven't been taking my medicine because I felt like they weren't needed. The acne medicine is alright. I need to get into a better habit of using it though. I don't think I need a new SD card just quite yet. So, I would love a CD with that on it. Is there some way I could also get some more music? I don't know if I could download it off of Gmail or what. But yeah. Oh, can you also send a video of the marching band on gmail. That would be way cool.The Sisters are so cool. I really liked that example. It makes so much sense!
So I will start off with what I didn't get to finish.

Freitag was final day of our super tausch. I was lucky enough to be paired with Elder Requillart. He is so awesome. He is from France and has a really thick French accent. It is so awesome. Yes, so we went to Donaueschingen and doored and contacted. We didn't get much tangible success. However we tried our best and we got to know each real well. That was Freitag...

Well, Samstag was a pretty normal day. We had our studies and such. But then we needed to go clean our car. We had to clean out the inside and vacuum. We then had to wash the car. It took a good portion of time. We had to do that though because we were going to send our car to the shop. And so we had Lunch after that and it was pretty good. Nothing special though. After that, we found out we couldn't send the car in because we had a lesson with a new convert preparing to go to the Temple. And we needed a car to get to her house. So we just finished weekly planning instead. We planned for the week, which included lessons, meetings and where we would find. It was pretty good. Afterwards, we drove to Sister Mohammad's house. I honestly have no idea what she fed us. but it was with apple sauce. It was pretty good though. And then she gave us ice cream. Let me tell you, she is one crazy lady. But we love her anyway. She has so many crazy stories from when she was younger. Apparently she is a black belt in judo or something like that.  I would not mess with her. Anyway, we left her house and went home.
I don't have a lot of time this week, so I will send a letter with the rest of this week. And can you type it up and post it?

Quickly answering some of your questions:

Does your companion like candy as much as you do?  Of course he does!
How has your week been and how is Elder Cavin?  My week has been really good. It has been nice going back to work. And Elder Cavin is doing 100 times better. He is feeling really good and is just ready to start rolling. 
Ich liebe dich so viel. Mach gut! Tschüß!
Mit Lieb,

My Distrikt before transfers.

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