Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 12: A New Transfer

Woche 12: A New Transfer
Well, we were able to get out more this past week. Elder Cavin has been doing a lot better so we having been getting back into the work.

Everyone in our apartment is staying!

After emails, we headed down to Triberg on a train. The train took approximately 15 minutes, so we weren't on the train too long. Right in front of the Bahnhof in Triberg, there is a large train. I took my photo there. It was pretty cool. After that we headed to some nature reserve there. We walked around and it was so pretty. Triberg is in the heart of the Black Forest so it is an amazing sight. The place we visited also has the largest waterfalls in all of Deutschland. They super pretty and quite magnificent. We went and visited some of the local shops there in Triberg. One of the places we went to sold the original Cuckoo Clocks. Oh man they were expensive. The clocks that were 40€ were pretty small. And the nice ones were roughly 140€. And we saw this huge grandfather cuckoo clock that was 12.000€ I believe... They also had these metal mugs, way decorated, that were like 100-130€. Yeah, that shop was expensive. And unfortunately, they don't have nutcrackers out yet. But they told me if you want a nice one, it will probably be 140€ starting at the end of November.  So, we went back and headed home. We got into Villingen and then drove to Jagadish's home. He again fed us an amazing curry. Meine Güte, it was so good.

(Update continues after lots of pictures!)

On Dienstag we went to Schaffhausen for our District meeting. It was the first one we had in two weeks. Well, the meeting was pretty good. We talked about love and charity and patience. It was pretty good. We can only find pure love through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. And Patience is what helpsus have a greater love for our investigators. It was pretty good. After that, I headed home with Elder Allan, one of our Zone Leaders. So it was pretty much the only time I have ever been fully in charge of our area. I had to make all the plans and take over studies. We got home pretty late so we only had studies and dinner.

So Mittwoch, we went out finding. We doored quite a few people and streeted a good portion of Schwenningen. We handed out one Book of Mormon and got one potential investigator. However, the potential we found is leaving to the UK for three or four years. So we will have to refer him there. After our three hours of missionary work, we went to Villingen and ate at this Chinese restaurant. It was actually pretty good. Their Lumpia rolls were really good as well. After we finished eating, we headed over to Bahnhof. We exchanged back with our companions and headed home. After we made a stop home, we headed over to Bruder Ulfik's. We talked about genealogy work with him. He has quite a bit of history with him. After we visited with him, we went and picked the other Elders from Bahnhof for our Super Tausch.

So Donnerstag was day one of our super Tausch. We had such a Tausch because we were running behind on exchanges and the other Elders offered come to our area since our area was really struggling with the illness. So we head eight Elders in Schwenningen.
-Elder Ridd with Elder Requillart working in Rottweil and Hoenwiel
-Elder Wilkins with Elder Dooreman working in Donaueschingen
-Elder Albrecht with Elder Pyle working in Schwenningen and Villingen
-Elder Cavin with Elder Naegli working in Villingen and Schwenningen

We usually have 4 Elders sleeping in Schwenningen. 2 in Bad Säckingen. 2 in Schaffhausen. We were behind on exchanges and the other elders suggested they come us out since our area has been struggling.  We had 8 elders sleeping in the living room. So two slept in the beds, 4 slept on matresses on the floor, 1 slept on the couch, and one slept on the floor.

We had apartment inspection that morning so we were late getting into the missionary work. But we passed our inspection. We just have a lot of junk that needs to get tossed. We just don't know where to toss it, oh well. After our inspection was over, we went to work. We found two people while we were in Schwenningen. We were trying to find one of our potentials to make out an appointment but we kept taking wrong turns. We were on some random street but ran into some guy that was interested in our church. It was pretty crazy to see wrong turns turn into something fruitful. We kept trying to find the street but we got lost and was on the other side of Schwenningen. I didn't even know that place existed. We then headed over to Villingen and found one person. We started talking to her while she was on the bench. She had so many questions. I truly feel like I experienced the gift of tongues while we talked to her. She was asking about the Second Coming and why we had the current name of our church and about the history of the Book of Mormon. They were pretty deep questions. But we were able to both testify and answer her questions though the Book of Mormon. It was really cool.

Tips for studying Preach Gospel. I personally believe that when we study Preach My Gospel, we get the most effective study when we seek help and knowledge. Just like the scriptures. However, with Preach My Gospel, we must study in such a way that we can apply it to those around us. That is why it is basic doctrines, so we can study in the shoes of non members and investigators. What do others need and how can I help them using the gospel?

Ich habe euch Lieb. Tschüß!

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