Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Woche 32: Kilometer und mehr Kilometer

Woche 32: Kilometer und mehr Kilometer

On Monday, we went to a beautiful little village in the Black Forest. It is called Neukirch. There was snow everywhere! It was so pretty. I also bought two ties. Fun fact: I came out with 18 ties. I now have 56 ties. And I have spent less than 15€ on them. A lot of them I aqquired from stuff missionaries left behind. I might have an obsession.


Tuesday we had a lesson with Herr "G". He lives an hour away from us so it is a pretty long drive. Well, we found a couple people who said that they have interest. I have learned on my mission how to communicate with people without having a full depth conversation. We met a lady from Romania and she didn't speak German or English, so we showed her the Book of Mormon and said Jesus Christ, God loves us in German and she accepted it. The language of the spirit is truly a miracle. And after we went contacting, we went to our appointment with Herr "G". We introduced the Plan of Salvation. It was such a good lesson. We explained the doctrine of the after life. He understood and accepted everything. He is very open and he prays about what we teach as well to find out for himself. He liked the fact that most of God's children would live in a kingdom of glory, despite the fact of not living directly with him.


Wednesday, we went down to another part of our area called Blumberg and Löffingen. We went out finding but no one would listen. So we decided to go visit a less active that was in the area. Bruder Abt lives in Löffingen all by himself. No one has visited him in like 10 years. It is such a sad situation. He still believes in Joseph Smith and the Restoration makes complete sense to him, but he doesn't agree with all of the doctrines of the church. It made me realize something. We can't change doctrine because we don't agree with them. God is the master of the doctrines. We can't tweak them and fix them. We don't always agree, but we just need to study and come to the  knowledge as to why this doctrine is there, why God made it that way. 


Thursday, we had our District meeting in Singen. We also had our Interviews with President Kohler. We discussed Agency and some other stuff within that. 


We had another lesson with Herr "G". We discussed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is just a wonderful man. He has such a big desire to learn more about the restored church and to come closer to Jesus Christ. 

Well, this week was so awesome. I love being a missionary and having the opportunity to serve the Lord 24/7. Have an awesome week.
Celebrating Elder Bowler's gift of a reservation at a restaurant that serves American Style Hamburgers and fries

Lovely dinner with the amazing "Z" family who takes such good care of our missionaries!

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