Monday, January 12, 2015

Woche 30: Versetzung

Liebe Mutter,

I will be staying in Schwenningen for a fifth transfer. My new companion is Elder Hancey. He is from Utah and will be leaving in two transfers.

Did you get the package? Did the marshmallows survive? I am sure this was the lamest package but oh well lol.  The next one will be better.   I did get the package.  I loved the package! Candy, homemade marshmallows, sticky notes, and sharpie pens. Seriously, I love it and so does everyone else. The marshmallows did survive. And I love you too! I love the pens! They just write so comfortably.

Do you need anything?  I do have one small request. A new German book. The one I have is way to simple. But I heard of one that is extremely good. It is called
Hammer's German Grammar and Usage. If you could find the newest edition for under 10 dollars that would be great. If not, the previous edition will work. Elder Young said he got the previous edition for 5 dollars but the newest has a pronuciation guide.

I love the weekly snail mail letters. I think they have just the right amount of stuff in them. 

"J" is doing good. He can come to all three hours of church now. We are starting to explain Joseph Smith and the Restoration again. And he liked the book!

Woche 30: Versetzung
Last Monday, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Triberg. It used to be the border of France and Germany some time ago. They also have the highest waterfalls in Europe. I ate an amazing Schwarzwälder Berliner. It tasted so good. And surprise, I bought a tour guide to the Black Forest in French... And also a pin that has the German and French flag together. So just a language tip:
English: The Black Forest
Deutsch(German): Der Schwarzwald
Français(French): La  Forêt  Noire
I might be a little obsessed but that's okay. Anyway, It was so pretty there as always. And then we traveled back home and went to the Seeborg family for Family Home Evening. They made some awesome chicken dish with a mushroom onion sauce on top. We ate it with Spätzle. And then afterwards we sang and then read out of the New Testament for children.

Tuesday, we went to Singen for Zone Training. President Kohler is starting to lay the law down. It's great. He even told us we should be speaking German from 9-9 everyday. That will be interesting. And then we discussed the importance of the Book of Mormon. As stated many times over, our church completely depends on the Book of Mormon. That is why we must have a testimony of it along with Joseph Smith. That is why we as members and missionaries stress the Book of Mormon so much. Because it is the keystone. After Zone Training, I had an exchange with Elder Young in Bad Säckingen. Apparently people actually celebrate Three Kings Day. No idea how, but they do.

Wednesday we didn't see much luck. But we tried out the whole speak German all day thing and it went really well. Something I thought about though on Wednesday and Friday is this. We are good missionaries if we can meet the two requirements. 1) of course being a good teacher and following the spirit. And 2) if we are ready at all times to be a missionary, to talk to someone, etc... On Wednesday we were ready at all times to talk to people and stuff and although no one took up on our offer, I still felt successful because we need to respect other people's free agency.

Thursday we had an exchange in Schaffhausen. We pretty much went out finding the entire day. Lately people have just started speaking to us in English, it's weird.
Drum roll please! rbmrbmrbmrbm... I will be staying in Schwenningen 2! Elder Thomas is going home and I will now be working with Elder Hancey. I am super excited to be working with him this coming transfer. I feel our area has been prepared and the Lord is beginning to harvest here. There truly are people prepared to embark on a new journey towards Christ. I know this to be true with my entire heart.

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