Monday, January 5, 2015

Woche 29: Silvesters

Michael's Mission President and Wife started a blog and I found this pic from the day he arrived in Munich!  LOVE IT!
Woche 29: Silvesters
So this week was quite similar. We went out finding a lot since our investigators didn't have time because of the holidays. But we had some great conversations. This week helped me realize the importance of this message we are bringing into the world. Everyone needs it. Literally. It doesn't matter if you are Christian or not. We have at least one thing in common, we are all God's children. And He loves us all equally.  That is why He sent His son for everyone. That is why He restored His church. That is why we have this wonderful message. To help people look towards God and receive much more happiness than we can imagine. 
What did you do for NYE? We went to a party at the church. They sang songs in Schwäbisch and perhaps Badisch. And then we watched fireworks outside of our window at home. Guess what!!!  I found some more people in our Family History. Look at Family Search and at David Hagel.  I found the parents and then it went back like 5 more generations because of someone else. On New Years Day no one was on the street so we did Family History. But I was trying to legitimize our Family History because there is incorrect information in certain places and then I found them! And I found where this Glückstal place is. It is in Moldova!  It is in between Ukraine and Romania. It used to belong to Russia so that is why everything says Russia. And there is also a cemetery in North Dakota with their graves.

Transfers are coming up, do you think you'll stay or go?  Do you feel ready for a change yet? You are such a great example, I know you will stay or go wherever the Lord sends you!  They usually keep missionaries in an area for 6 months. But, I feel ready to transfer. I would miss Schwenningen a bunch though. So I wouldn't mind staying here. Actually, I would love it.  And thanks! It is easier when to be a good example when you have great parents!

This past week I have also studied a lot on goals. I read a talk called the Fourth Missionary. And the Fourth Missionary is essentially obedient, loving and charitable, and has the will of God in place of his. Or in other words, His will is to do the Lord's work. It is not always easy, but he has the desire. It then proceeds to continually ask this question... Who are you and who will you become? Meaning, when everything temporal is taken away, who are you? What qualities will we have? What will it be like to stand next to us and then where do we want to go with this?
Sorry this week was so short. We just really didn't do a huge variety of stuff. 
Ich habe euch lieb!


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