Monday, July 27, 2015

Woche 57: Eine sehr heiße Woche

Woche 57: Eine sehr heiße Woche
Well, my iPad shut down, so I have to retype my email, so it might be a shorter one, sorry!!!
This week we went out finding pretty much all week. It was so hot!!! Not as bad as Missouri(: But without AC... Haha, but we have a fan, luckily. But we went out finding every day in a different Dorf. Sorry, that was German. In different Villages, towns... And we just kept walking door to door. we met some really nice people. Some people gave us some water while we began to teach the Restoration! It was awesome! And we met the Chinese Family again. It is so interesting with the whole Language Barrier. But we just keep on going and this week we taught the 10 Commandments. Pretty Easy. Well, I am super sorry this is so short, but I really have to go!!! Have a good week!!!

~Elder Albrecht~

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