Monday, May 18, 2015

Woche 48: Bleibe ich, oder nicht.

Woche 48: Bleibe ich, oder nicht.
Transfer news:  I will be staying here.  St. Pölten B gets closed down, which means the other three leave.  Elder Smith will be coming to me.  (Well, there are a million Elder Smiths in our Mission).  I believe this one is from American Fork, UT.

P-Day.......... I still don't know what to write!!! Well, Elder Wahl and I have almost made a full harmony line to O Holy Night. I guess that is something new!

Tuesday, we had Zone Training in Vienna. We talked a lot about technology and how we can appropriately use it and how it correlates with missionary work. We also talked about becoming unified as a mission but more specifically as a zone. We are doing this 40 Day Fast, and we will be purifying ourselves. And then we talked about how important the Holy Ghost is. This last week, I read the talk "Unleashing The Dormant Spirit," and it talks about how the Spirit is important in every aspect of our life! Which is a crazy thought when you really think about it. Every single moment of lives, we should be thirsting for the presence of Him. No matter what it is!!! That really stood out to me, how often do not just have the spirit with me, but His influence as well?

Mittwoch bis Donnerstag
Wednesday and Thursday the days just mesh together!), we went to some Shoe services... But not because of our shoes, two weeks ago we met some guy on the street who said we could come by. So we went by and had an awesome discussion with him about Churches and why there are so many. We also read the Book of Mormon with him and he said he will read a little bit. This Wednesday we will bring a Book of Mormon in Armenian for him. But it was way cool. And then we went to Traisen Markt and tried delivering a Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, no one was home, but we were able to get into contact with some of our older investigators!

Freitag bis Samstag
Well, unfortunate news... I got sick on Friday!!! But all is well in St. Pölten. I am better now. So nothing much happened on Friday sadly. And on Saturday we had to take it pretty slow because I still was not feeling that great.

Sunday, started off with a heart attack, but ended up being absolutely amazing. So Sunday morning, I woke up and wasn't able to speak at all! It was pretty scary. I just couldn't speak. But we got all ready and then went to choir practice. I played the piano since I couldn't sing. And let me tell you, the Spirit was definitely there as we sang. It was so beautiful. And then we had church. And we had some pretty good lessons about the Book of Mormon and the lost sheep. And then we had to help an investigator find their way to church. And there were a ton of road blocks! But luckily we made it to Sacrament meeting on time. And then while the Sacrament was being passed out, the Spirit was so strong. It was so quiet and reverent and peaceful during those few moments. I could really feel the power of the Savior and His Atonement. And then after church, we had a lesson with another investigator. We talked about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. And then we watched the Restoration movie. It was so awesome. Before we watched it, we told "J" to pay attention to the words and what was going on, but also to how she felt and what was being said to her in her heart. And during the movie, when Joseph Smith was walking towards the woods to say the prayer that started it all, the Spirit just intensified immensely. It was such a powerful experience. After the video was over, we just sat there for a few moments, not saying anything and enjoying the silence. And then we asked her what she thought about it, and then how she felt. She said she felt really good.She felt at peace, and really relaxed. She said that she was going through a very hard time, but a lot of the stress from everything was suddenly taken away. During the movie, she said it was just gone, taken from her. How amazing! She said she read in the Book of Mormon everyday, and that she would come to all three hours of church next week. It was amazing. And then we went to Wiener Neustadt with "M", the one who came to church. And we just had a blast. They were putting on a musical fireside there, and it was sooooooo good! It is called, Auf der Suche nach Gott. On the Search for God in English. And at the end of the day, "M" said that we "changed her life today." She really enjoyed Sacrament meeting and the fireside. And yet again, the Spirit was so strong during the Meeting. I think that yesterday I finally understood what it means and why it is so important to be constantly under the influence of the Spirit. I can testify that not only is it so important to have the Holy Ghost with us at all times, it is also a blessing and a privilege! We should want this! This should be one of our highest priorities and strongest desires! I know that this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is the one true and living church on the face of the Earth. I know that this is where we truly find happiness. I know with all of my heart, that the Book of Mormon is true. It contains God's word and the fullness of the everlasting Gospel! I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet of the Lord, and that the church and gospel was restored through him. And because of that are we allowed to have another Prophet again on Earth! Have an amazing week!

~Elder Albrecht~
Siehe, ich bin ein Jünger Jesu Christi, des Sohnes Gottes. Ich bin von ihm berufen worden, sein Wort unter seinem Volk zu verkünden, damit sie immerwährendes Leben haben können.
-3 Nephi 5:13

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