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Week 2: Mission Through Christ

Week 2: Mission Through Christ
So, we do have P-Days, they are on Wednesday. So last P-Day was pretty fun. We went to ASDA, British Walmart, and I got to use some British pound sterlings. It doesn't feel that weird to use them. And I bought a Welsch Book of Mormon, it makes no sense to me but it looks cool.
At the end of our P-Day we watched a Devotional and it was so inspirational. The message from many of our lessons have been that we are not the teachers. In the conversion process for our investigators, we merely facilitate the conversation between them and God. It was really interesting and brought a new perspective to myself and many of the other Missionaries.
My German is going well. It was kind of difficult at first, but my district is amazing and constantly supports me and helps me out when I don't have a clue as to what I am doing. They are really awesome. And our teachers are amazing as well. They will repeat a phrase 6-7 times if I don't understand it. But, I am getting the hang of it. See: Ich spreche Deutch.
On Monday, we finished teaching our first mock investigator in German. It was extremely terrifying at first and I literally had no idea what I was doing. I just sat in the first lesson and listened to nonsense. But, we studied hard for each lesson after that and we had the Spirit there and we taught decent lessons. We got our first"investigator" to commit to being baptized, living the word of wisdom, go to church and go to the Temple. All in German! The Lord ceases to amaze me with His power. He has definitely helped me learn this language. But that will only happen if I study hard and seek diligently the gift of Tongues. So we are constantly praying for it.
And I have been given the opportunity to play hymns in a couple of our meetings here at the MTC. It definitely helps me remember what the Lord has blessed me with and how much more the Lord has in store for me and all of the other Missionaries. And it is so awesome to see how much talent everyone else has. There are so many pianists and we have a Sister who can play the Viola. She is so amazing and plays in our Sacrament meetings.
I do have a small list of requests:
Sheet Music:
-How Can I Be
-A Missionary Medley
-I Know He Lives Fireside book(it is blue and is composed by Michael R. Hicks)
-If You Could Hie To Kolob
-Any other random sheet music you find
USB Plug In with a SD Card Adapter
And you can send packages here to the MTC
I did receive the envelopes and stamps.
I will be sending letters back to everyone(they have stamps here at the MTC as well).
So our food here is fantastic. The chefs really do take time for our meals. We even had Fish and Chips. Oh mein Güte, it was delicious. We even had a German meal. It was potatoes, Cabbage, and Chicken. We haven't had a meal twice yet, but they are on a three week rotation. But they are revising the menu so we shall see.
So today, we had another opportunity to go through the Temple. It was amazing to be reminded of the Spirit held within the Temple. It was so peaceful and calm, and I received so many answers in there. The Temple is one place I desire everyone to be at. Knowing the happiness it brings to me. And I  received an answer as to when I might receive news of Cedara's mission call, which was that it was already sent to me(: And Cedara's call is so amazing. It truly does make me happy to see where she will be serving. I actually know some missionaries out there right now.
The Elders and Sisters that were called there actually left for the field this morning. They were leaving for the Scotland/Ireland mission and the Birmingham England mission. It was cool to see how they progressed here in the MTC for only two weeks. I just know that Cedara will do amazing things. And to think, I still have four weeks here with two other transfers for the ~UK missions.
We also had the opportunity to go visit some church history sites here in the Preston England area. It was really amazing. We got to see the house where Heber C. Kimball resided. We also saw the house where President Hinckley received his letter from his father and prayed and made the decision to serve the rest of his life in the church. We also visited the site where many English members were baptized, very cool. There is so much history it is insane. Our guide said that many local history books and parks have LDS history inside them and plaques and such. It is very inspiring. We also learned that prophets of old blessed this land here and that when Heber C. Kimball was leaving, he was overcome with that blessing and Prophet Joseph Smith explained it to Heber C. Kimball. We also got to see the place where Elder Holland receives some of his inspiration and confirmations, many people call it Holland's tree. We also got to see much of the culture here and the architecture. It is so beautiful here.
It makes me proud to see that Neil is considering his Patriarchal Blessing. I can testify that my Patriarchal Blessing has blessed me in my life and has helped me make many difficult decisions in life. It will bless him when he has received an answer as to when he should get it and he will be guided in so many ways.
I know that Jesus loves me and He loves each of you. I know that our Heavenly Father knows each of us personally and that He is waiting to bless and help us when we are in need. I know that Joseph Smith is the Prophet who was called to restore His gospel back on this Earth and I know that he translated the Book of Mormon through the power of God. I know that we are in some of the final days and that the world is being prepared to receive her King. His work truly is hastening and His children in those areas that are closed are being prepared as well. I can see this through the many missionaries that are being called. These are hard times and the adversary is picking up his pace in the destruction of men. However, through Christ we can overcome this  and be triumphant in these latter days. I know that what I am doing, is truly God's work and that we are called of God. I know that this is all possible because of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. Because of Christ's sacrifice, all of this is made possible and we are able to become heirs of His kingdom and receive not only immortality, but eternal life and exaltation.
Ich liebe dich!!!

(Mom Note:  I really need to ask him to explain pictures since I have no idea what they were doing.  They look like they are having lots of fun though.  I am assuming the group shots are of his district.)

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