Monday, April 6, 2015

Woche 42: Bleibe ich oder nicht?

Woche 42: Bleibe ich oder nicht?
I didn't get any pics this week but I found this one that I had never seen in his dropbox.
Elder Wahl and I are staying together for another transfer, this makes me happy!

Well, since I don't usually have anything great to say for Monday, I guess this would be a good day to recap last week since my email was a little shorter than it was supposed to be.
So like I said last week, we found a woman through dooring. We have met with her about four times now. The first time we met with her she expressed a concern as to why there are so many different churches, and of course we jumped at this opportunity. We explained the story of Joseph Smith and told her why so many churches exist, as well as the way to find out which one is true. She opened up so quickly to us, expressing so much desire to follow Jesus Christ and getting to know Him better. And so we then eventually invited her to come to church. She said that at church, amidst her loud kids, she felt something. Quietness and warmth in her heart. She felt a difference in this church that she had never felt before. She felt simply the truth and the power that was restored.
Tuesday we had District Meeting like usual. We spoke about Baptism, and of the importance in planning.Following District Meeting, we went home and did a little bit of finding.
Wednesday, we had another lesson with "M", the woman from above. We talked about the Book of Mormon. We explained that the Bible can be interpreted so many different ways. Like a circle with one line being able to go through at so many different angles hitting the middle. But with the Book of Mormon, we can understand what God truly wants from us and what His plan for us is. We told her we had friends coming from Vienna that day so we would bring one in Romanian later that day. She was looking forward to it. Well, we went out finding and then later brought the book by. She thanked us so many times and said that she was looking forward to reading it.
Thursday we went out finding and did some more finding and then some. We found one person who said to come back at a later time. So we shall see!!!
Friday we had another wonderful lesson with "M". She told us she read Jacob 5! The allegory of the olive tree. She then told us while she was reading with her friend, her friend told her that if she kept reading, she would then understand it. And so she kept reading, and then relayed it almost perfectly. And she told us she dreamt only of the Book of  Mormon. We later had a lesson with "I". She is doing so well. She loves the Book of Mormon and accepts everything to be His word. She finds so much comfort in the words of the Prophets of old.
Saturday Sister Brunnsteiner invited us over for Brunch. It was so good! And then went over to Vienna for a Finding Day! We sang Easter Hymns and went and talked to people about Easter and why Jesus Christ is so important! He truly does live!
General Konferenz
So, General Conference was absolutely amazing. Despite the time difference, we were able to hear from living Prophets and Apostles that live today! We were able to hear of the miracles in the world and to listen to what God wants from us. How beautiful it is to know that He loves enough to grant unto us what He gave to people thousands of years ago. Jesus Christ truly did resurrect from the dead and lives today. Not only does He live, but He guides this very church and leads us. He lives, and because He lives, we will all live again. Because He suffered for us in that garden many many years ago, we have the opportunity to have eternal life and live with our Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for this knowledge and for the opportunity to share this wonderful message.
~Elder Albrecht~

Siehe, ich bin ein Jünger Jesu Christi, des Sohnes Gottes. Ich bin von ihm berufen worden, sein Wort unter seinem Volk zu verkünden, damit sie immerwährendes Leben haben können   -3 Nephi 5:13

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