Monday, February 16, 2015

Woche 35: Missionstour

Mom note:  It is hard not to be frustrated at whatever glitch is causing Michael's emails to be cutoff but I'll keep posting what I do receive and be grateful for it (and yes I recognize it's more than some receive)

Woche 35: Missionstour
Wednesday we woke up at 4 in the morning so we could catch our train at 6. We got dressed to look our best. Then we left to get our train from Schwenningen to Villingen. There we met one of our investigators. His name is "R" or his German name... Haha, but we took the train with him. And then we had to catch a train to Singen and we almost missed it!!! That would have been bad, but luckily we made it. And then we had to travel to Schaffhausen. Then we met the rest of our zone there. And we took a train with them to Zürich. And then we got left behind at the Trams all alone. We had no idea how to to work the Swiss machines, and then we did figure it out but we didn't have any Swiss Francs! Luckily some other missionaries arrived and helped us out. We made it to the church building right on time. Which was 15 minutes before. But everything got started smoothly. Elder Kearon was the one who came and visited us. He is a convert to the church. He was super inspirational. He talked about obedience, finding, and teaching. Here is one of his quotes. 
"When we choose to follow Jesus Christ, we are choosing to change. When we choose to change, we change the world." 
It was Awesome. He encouraged us to strive to be exactly obedience, as well as to figure out why we personally are obedient. He then told us
The Gospel is a happy Gospel. So live it and let people see it when you are talking and finding. 
Thursday was interesting. We were so tired from all the traveling from Wednesday. Meine Güte, but we tried to just go out and do. We also have been going through the member list trying to get in contact with less actives. 
Friday we had an exchange! I went to Bad Säckingen with Elder Young. We pretty much went out finding the entire time. But we tried to talk with everyone. We really tried to see everyone as "heirs of the kingdom of God." It helped a lot when we thought about it that way. 
Saturday, we did some more finding. We went into Switzerland for a little bit. I realized how much the Lord has helped me. As I have received so much help with German, the Lord has also helped me understand other languages, and dialects. I was able to understand the Swiss German decently. The Lord truly does help us no matter what!!! 


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